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One XP practice we need to implement better is our set of coding standards . While we don’t have strong disagreements, up to now the standards ahve been pretty much verbally agreed and ad hoc. So I have always wanted to put something more definite in place.

I am a believer in the Design Guidelines for Class Library Developers, but up to now most coding standards, like those from IDesign seem long-winded and over prescriptive. But Brad Abrams has a set of internal MS coding standards up on his blog  that look very usable.

I don’t agree with all of the suggestions. Personally I don’t like putting the using statements inside a namespace. Within C# ‘the scope of a using-directive extends over the namespace-member-declarations of its immediately containing compilation unit or namespace body’. So putting them inside the namespace would only have value, if you wanted to exclude them from another namespace in the same compilation unit. And you do not want multiple namespaces in the same compilation unit.

But other than that it looks like a good style guide, which is really what you want.

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