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Who speaks for UK developers?

It is an old adage that if all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail, but a useful one in many endeavours. So it is with outsourcing and offshoring. There are benefits and there are drawbacks. I … Continue reading

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Thanks to Ingo Rammer

Thanks to Ingo Rammer for his presentation at the London.NET User Group on the 23rd February. Despite having been presenting at DevWeek Ingo gave a lively and fresh presentation on optimising distributed applications. Ingo’s message can probably best be summarized as: … Continue reading

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London .NET User Group 23 Feb: Ingo’s session details

As promised, here is Ingo’s session description for 23rd Feb: Optimizing Distributed Applications .NET Remoting, COM+, Enterprise Services, ASMX Web Services, the Web Services Enhancements 2.0, MSMQ and System.Messaging are just a small selection of the possible technology choices .NET … Continue reading

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London .NET User Group: 23rd Feb Ingo Rammer

While I still do not have a session description for our INETAsponsored talk from Ingo Rammer on the 23rdFebruary but I am prepared to start taking sign ups. Let’s face it,he will be good. A few of you have asked … Continue reading

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