Thanks to Ingo Rammer

Thanks to Ingo Rammer for his presentation at the London.NET User Group on the 23rd February. Despite having been presenting at DevWeek Ingo gave a lively and fresh presentation on optimising distributed applications. Ingo’s message can probably best be summarized as: when looking at peformance problems in distributed applications check what you are sending over the wire first, then look at the interaction with resouces, before checking the algorithms used in the code. Ingo gave a good overview of how to use a range of tools: Ethereal, tcpTrace, Sql Server’s Profiler, CLR Profiler and highlighted the issues they can help you diagnose and respond too.

We had a near full house (48 out of the 50) which meant we didn’t have to turn people away which I hate, but gave us a real ‘packed night’ buzz.

Great stuff and really shows the benefits of hiring someone like Ingo who can specialize in researching these problems if you want to resolve these kind of issues.




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