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London .NET user group 30 March

Don’t forget that tonight we have Ian Griffiths speaking on Avalon. I’m looking forward to it. Syncfusion are sponsoring tonight’s meeting. In addition to picking up the pizza tab, they are offering to give away binaries of their products. One … Continue reading

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London .NET user group: March 30th update

The session description is up for Ian’s talk on the meetings page – although a lot of you have signed up on the vague description. I just wanted to mention that this meeting is kindly sponsored by Syncfusion Inc. and … Continue reading

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VS2005: Developers wear many hats

I have to agree with Jeff’s blog that the seperation of the VS2005 product line into architect, developer, and tester may make sense from the point of view of MS’s development model, but a lot of shops just don’t seperate … Continue reading

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Parser Error Message: Access is denied

When using ASP.NET you can get this error when another application has locked a file that ASP.NET is trying to load. Rebooting the machine to clear this error is a somewhat drastic option especially if it happens frequently. The usual suspect is … Continue reading

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London .NET User Group: 30 March

On March 30th the London .NET User Groups presentation we be Ian Griffiths talking about Avalon. The session description is yet to be confirmed, but will include the whys of Avalon and the how tos of XAML. With the announcement that … Continue reading

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Security.dll and EnumerateSecurityPackagesW

DLL Hell is still with us to some extent. This one comes from the school of bitter experience. Don’t think of naming any of your dll’s security.dll. The problem is that Windows already uses the name security.dll, and will not load the corresponding … Continue reading

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