Installing Visual Sudio Beta2 Team Suite

So I tried a few approaches before I finally found a way to get this working for me. I was installing onto to fresh virtual PC running Windows 2003, so I had no problems removing previous betas. I tried a full install using a version of the iso file burn to a DVD and kept receiving the error:

Error 1310.Error writing to file:
Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.Resource.dll. Verify that you have access to that directory.

So I switched to using the iso file directly and usin WinRAR to alllow me to run the iso directly. Still no joy. This time I got a 2337 error during the install – though the progress report suggested that the same file was at fault – but the installation completed all the components apart from visual studio.

So finally I started to uncheck components to see if I could bypass the failing component. Finally I found a combination that works for me: do not install any of the Team Suite tools apart from the unit and web testing tools. I’m not sure which of the other options is causing issues (and I am not going to keep running installs to find out) but if you are suffering the same as me that will get you the IDE with the language compilers and some of the Team System tools installed.

I opted to to report errors to MS so hopefully someone has had some useful feedback on this one.

It’s all part of the rich beta experience.



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