Will the mob react the same way to Firefox as IE

So Firefox has another security issue. I wonder if the same mob that derides IE will deride Firefox. Or will they make excuses because it is an OSS product?

Nothing lessens my opinion of other IT professionals when I meet them than comments about technologies that are based on emotion, hearsay, or vitriol. My favorite is ‘SQL Server does not scale’.  It is usually a sign that there individual is irrationally anti-Microsoft. My experience is that all products tend to have their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a technology is about determining your priorites and deciding which product meets them best. It is also about doing some research. Try here for database performance for example.

Slashdot could be a great community if it was not overwhelmed by the anti-establishment mob. Sadly the amount of intelligent particpation on Slashdot only seems to have declined over the years instead of improved. 

I have similar feelings about people who are irrationally anti-OSS or anti-Linux. As an industry, if we want people to take us seriously we really have to raise the level of debate beyond that of schoolyard myths and name-calling. 

Sadly I don’t see it happening


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