Bill Thompson drinks the Firefox kool-aid

So the BBC is now running a story about the Firefox vulnerablities. It is a reasonable story on the issue, informative without being hysterical, and balancing the stories that they would have run on IE.

But their technology analyst Bill Thompson has definitely drunk the kool-aid on Firefox and the advantages of the OSS model.

But the bugs in Firefox worry me a lot less than those in IE

Sure Bill, tell us why please?

This is not because I do not like or use Microsoft software.

We never asked Bill, but please go on.

It is because Apache, Firefox, and many of the other tools I use every day, are open source programs. I can, if I feel like it, look at the original program code and the fixed program code and understand for myself what was wrong and how it has been fixed. I could even, for the free software that I use, decide that I do not like the proposed change and make my own version of the program.

Wow Bill appears to be skilled in C++, XPCOM, XUL and the range of other technologies used in Mozilla. After all he claims he can read and alter the sourcecode. I spent years as a C++ COM developer, but I wouldn’t claim to be able to start fixing bugs in Firefox without a lot of man-effort. Bill is obviously a top Firefox-head. But wait…

Of course, I am not a gifted programmer

Oh dear. Are we doomed without Bill to save us. He thinks not

the thousands of volunteers who produce and maintain free software will do the checking for me,

Thousands! There are thousands of developers working on Firefox. Really! I doubt it, but Bill tells us that it is so. These guys are much more professional too because they

do not have to worry about the impact on share prices or company sales of a security announcement.

So Bill, none of the Firefox developers have commercial interests built around Firefox, do they?

And that helps me sleep at night.

And dreamland is where you seem to be spending your waking hours too Bill.


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