Microsoft listens on VS2005 Team system pricing

So MS really does appear to be listening. They have provided revised bundling and pricing information for Team System.

The presence of Team Suite answers my concerns about there not being a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ offering. The inclusion of a limited licence Team Foundation Server is a great bonus for small teams. It looks like they will not be forced down the road of sticking with VSS or moving to SVN or the like.

Some folks may still balk on price. But I think that this is a positive response to community feedback.

The upgrade costs do seem to make getting a Universal licence now, an attractive way to upgrade in the future.

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12 Responses to Microsoft listens on VS2005 Team system pricing

  1. Andrew says:

    It\’s still very very expensive if you want the full tool set, and also a big commitment to move to another source control system (why can\’t they allow you to use another?) which seems to be the only way to get access to all the most powerfull features. Microsoft used to practically give their dev tools away, now they have sucked everyone in they are charging the earth for their (admittedly good) tools.Crucially, can we actually rely on version 1.0 of their new source control system to be reliable, it\’s a huge risk to take!

  2. Tom says:

    The whole Whidbey packaging is still bollocks. I don\’t want to have to buy into their wretched 1.0 "team system" in order to get PreFast, or the Profiler etc. What this smacks of is a company that\’s not making the % it used to in client sales (mainly cause they haven\’t put out a new client in ages, rather than losing sales to Linux) and are therefore looking to other areas of the company for profits. It\’s not as if there\’s a whole lot of choice for dev tools on Windows. What they\’ve just done is to add more weight to the alternatives. I don\’t mind paying for my dev tools, I just don\’t want to subsidise the cost of a source code control system that I don\’t want.

  3. Ian Cooper says:

    Sure MS still has to compete. We use nunit, nunitforms, nant, FIT, FXCOP, resharper, et al for much of the functionality that MS is shipping in VS 2005, but if the tool integration is good we may be tempted to pay up for the Team System versions. Productivity is everything. As for source control, I really miss not having Perforce here, I\’m using VSS and not satisfied. No atomic checkins, inadequate rolling of changes to versions and its lack of usability for folks \’oof-site\’ have driven me over the edge. I am evaluating Subversion (SVN) on an Apache server as a solution. MS needs to offer a solution that competes with SVN for small teams (we are small Agile/XP team). For us a big factore there is price, so bundling the Team Foundation licences might encourage us to switch. Especially if Team Foundation gives us functionality we just don\’t have with SVN, like being able to park code.I hear you about trusting your source control, but if we are going to switch to SVN as an alternative we are taking a punt anyway.

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