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London .NET user group July 27th: Extreme .NET

The plan for 27th July is to cover Extreme Programming. Considering our usual congregation the evening will be aimed at .NET developers, but considering the topic it should be fairly accessible to those who live on other platforms. The agenda … Continue reading

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June 23rd: NUnit and Indigo reminder

Just a quick reminder that we have Charlie Poole talking about NUnit and Benjamin Mitchell talking about Indigo on 23rd June at the London .NET user group. Should be a great session. Full details on the web site

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Web Developer for Firefox

Having been playing around with a CSS layout site for the London .NET user group site re-write I have to say that the Web Developer extension for Firefox is a nice tool when you want to figure out where your … Continue reading

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Switching to CSS

The London .NET user group web site is badly in need of an overhaul. And now I have some time to put into it, so expect to see some changes over the coming months. When I wrote it I put most … Continue reading

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How to fail ServiceBase.OnStop()

Writing a service in .NET entails inheriting from the System.ServicProcess.ServiceBase class, which is a lot better than writing the necessary Win32 API calls. However, while ServiceBase allows you to react to a stop request on your service by overriding OnStop (an example of the … Continue reading

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London .NET user group 23rd

I can now confirm the line-up for the sessions on June 23rd. Benjamin Mitchell will be presenting a tour of Indigo. Ben is an MSDN Regional Director and is always a popular presenter at the group. In addition we have … Continue reading

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