Switching to CSS

The London .NET user group web site is badly in need of an overhaul. And now I have some time to put into it, so expect to see some changes over the coming months.

When I wrote it I put most of my effort into the content managment side and not the UI. While I had originally prioritized adding an RSS feed for the news items, online registration, and an aggregator feedback from users of the site suggests that improving the UI needs to be of higher priority. Users keep asking the same questions: how do I join? how do I sign up for a meeting? So I need to make those details much clearer.

Having decided to redesign I have decided to drop using tables for layout and go to CSS. Not being a guru on the possibilities of CSS design I have been nosing around the css Zen Garden. It is a great idea – the same HTML, different style sheets – for showing the power of CSS and how clean you can leave your markup. I picked up the accompanying book and I cannot recommend it enough if you want to understand how to use CSS from a design perspective. The parts of the site that I have worked on so far seem (to me) far cleaner and slicker. The advantage of CSS should be it will also be easy to tweak when I want to freshen the look.

But don’t worry I hope to have time to add the other features which have been promised for a while.

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