Tech Ed 2005 Pre-conference

Well its raining here in Holland buit otherwise the pre-conference phase of Tech Ed 2005 promises well for things to come. I attended the  Architecture Boot Camp for Connected Systems with Arvindra Sehma and Beat Schwegler. Pitched just right for me with a mix of architectural advice on identifying business capabilities and factoring them into services. mention of the Motion model, and some code showing best practice for building connected systems today. Highlights for me included:
  • Using the GAT to automate delivery of a service implementation – a great example of the power of the Software Factories approach to assist in building your code where a lot of what you need to implement is boilerplate. Beat ran his GAT toolkit to create his services and then coded the schmea and implementation on the fly with almost zero mistakes. Impressive piece of presenting.
  • A discussion of allowing read-only (immutable) data to be replicated for use by different services – which technically breaks one of the four tenets, but is practical for reference data (see Pat Helland’s Data on the Inside, Data on the Outside). That validates some work I have been doing recently and it is good to know other folks are implementing this way too.
  • Emphasis on keeping the service interface thin – a remote facade – behind which adapters call into the domain model.
On the other side Tech Ed is as usual a game of ‘hunt for the power outlet’ .With more and more delegates using wireless connected PDAs or laptops taking advantage of the wireless network here, the shortage of charging stations always seems a little like an oversight. Oh and the toilet paper is hard. What’s that about? If you like soft paper, well you might want to bring your own…
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