London Calling

It is a strange feeling being a Londoner, but out of my city when it goes through one of its toughest days for years. Part of me feels very lucky that I did not have to go through it, but part of me is at home worrying about friends and loved ones. I guess I’ll be a lesser class of Londoner now for not having been there on 7/7.
Good to see that Londoners seem to be showing their usual resolve. An old colleague Tom points out the London News Reviews message to the terrorists.
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One Response to London Calling

  1. bruce says:

    As an American, I can understand the pain that you are now going through.On September 11 when our airlines were used to destroy buildings and kill our citizens, I remember watching in horror as the scene unfolded on the television.I can remember thinking how horrible this was, and hoping that never again would any country have to endure the pain that this type of attack brought.With hope for a brighter future, I backed our President, George Bush in his attempt at stopping terrorist activities world wide.As an American, I looked to our friends with great respect. Your country being one of those friends that I speak of.Despite all of my prayers, and all of my hopes, terror has landed on your shores. I dont know if it is because of our actions as a country or not.I do know that each and every one of you are in my prayers and that I pray no further attacks on your country are taken out.If the United States caused this backlash on you in any way, I apologize. I dont apologize for the country, I apologize for my part in backing our President.God Bless you all and thank you for your support when we needed it.

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