Survivor voices

I’m very impressed by Rachel’s account of her experience in the bombed tube carriage on the Picadilly line and her determination to return to normal. Particularly striking is the hope in her statement
And yes, I probably will feel scared and I probably will remember the bomb, but as I said to someone yesterday, when we were on the train stuck underground we established that we could survive a Tube bomb
and the bonds of solidarity between those who survived, born from the shared experience.
Rachel suggests that the experience of the support of others means that next time she gets scared:
 I’m going to look at my fellow passengers, as I said last night, and if I start to have a panic attack I will just break the Don’t Talk We’re Londoners rule of London Tube-travelling and say "I’m feeling scared, can you help me?.
Maybe she is right London, maybe it is time we started talking to each other, it might be something good to come out of the whole experience.
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