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eWeek seems to have really outdone itself on the journalistic nonsense stakes with this piece of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt FUD about .NET. Their angle that VCs are not investing in .NET projects is undermined by their chief source Brad Silverberg who points out that VCs are platform agnostic when looking for investment opportunities. So eWeek tries to beef up the article with  comments about how .NET adoption is not real. Of course every ‘source’ is anonymous, although the reason for their anonymity seems unclear as they do not work for MS but ISV’s. Perhaps it is because their opinions are so meritless.
 "People do not believe that the adoption of smart clients is going to take off"
Really? We use one just fine. Why? Because we wanted to deliver a Rich UI in a maintainable fashion. Development using an Ajax like model was the only alternative to get the level of interaction we wanted. Cutting through the hype Ajax is a smart client delivered on a browser-based platform. Thus it is just an alternative smart client to using then.NET platform to build a WinForms client calling server based web services. With the lack of good Ajax tool support at the time of writing, and because we could predict a Windows desktop, we opted for a Winforms client. But the key here is that both support rich-client side interaction, asynchronous calls to a web server, client-side state and processing. The battle is over which platform will deliver the best smart client platform, not whether their seems to be a shift to reaping the advantages of client side processing.
"They seem to speak with one voice, that .Net is the programming model, but is SQL server written in .Net? What about Word? Excel? Windows? All of MSN…? Many assumed that MS was 100 percent behind this platform and with Longhorn was rolling it out comprehensively. As you now know, this is not the case."
This is just nonsense. Is Sun criticised because Solaris is not written in Java. Do folks accuse Sun of not backing Java because thier flagship OS is not developed in it? Is Oracle being told that its support of Java is poor because it has not re-written its RDBMS in Java. Those people who suggest that the lack of re-writes to the new platform is a lack of confidence in that platform miss several key points: As more and more computer code reaches maturity integration and interoperation become more common than re-writing; .NET is a managed environment, like Java – that is advantageous for certain types of applications but not for others, there is not an all-or-nothing proposition here; managed environments are becoming the dominant delivery platform for wide classes of applications. My experience of this type of FUD is that it is spread a lot by developers who have not made the skills transition to managed environments and are worried they are about to be obsolete. It is not a reasonable argument against moving to managed code.
I’ll go on the record. I do work for an ISV, Misys, and we are using .NET for our product. And you know what, we think it delievers just fine.
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