Slashdot is done

Slashdot has a ‘story’ on its front page which leads with the comment:
 Given most comments on Slashdot, it would appear that anyone with even a slight knowledge of computers hates Microsoft
What I find tragic about Slashdot is that the concept was good and
has been so widly imitated but the community is so poor. I have
vague memories that once upon a time Slashdot was the
prime source of news for geeks when
conventional news media outlets had no idea that the world
around them was changing dramatically. But Microsoft hating
phobics grew in number there day-by-day. Now you can’t move for
them, and posting ‘I hate MS’ seems to get the most trivial comment
moderated up to Insightful. As if the posters at
Slashdot were insightful at any point in the last three
years. There is no inteligent debate there and now there
appears to be precious little news.
I am sure that the guys at Slashdot don’t care, but I’m finally
dropping it from my bookmarks. It’s time has been and gone. Stick
a fork in its a**e and turn it over, it’s done.
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6 Responses to Slashdot is done

  1. Unknown says:

    You\’ve well outlived me with Slashdot. Haven\’t bothered with it for a couple of years as I thought it had shifted direction somewhat (not always bad thing to do of course) but that direction seemed to be towards the dreaded lowest common denominator. Similarly, I gave up buying Wired in the late \’90s when it became obvious it had changed how it saw itself and the readership. Once things attract a significant increase in attention there is often a subsequent change or realignment that is not always viewed positively by those who came before. Usenet is a prime example of this. One now has to work hard to get any value from it. Should never have let the masses know about the internet! Bring back the BBS days!

  2. Ian Cooper says:

    I had a similar experience with Wired and Usenet – the signal to noise ratio just seems to decline over time. I guess it is the old internet cry \’The newbies are coming, the newbies are coming\’. The question now is will the blogshpere go the same way…

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