Open Mike feedback

Thanks to James Crowley and David Laing for standing up and presenting. Certainly a lot slicker and more polished than mine.
On that note thanks to all of you for putting up with my ‘No Powerpoint’ experiment. For those of you who are interested the blog that inspired me to try it is ‘Creating Passionate Users‘:
I learnt some useful things during the exercise; I hope that you still learnt something about the observer pattern. It does seem one or two folks learnt something about dogging. My observations would be:
  • If you do not have the slides as an aide to keep you on track as a presenter, make sure you come with a printed roadmap/agenda or cards. I didn’t and it was too easy for me to stray off-topic and lose focus on the real issue: the observer pattern. Bad Ian, no biscuit.
  • That agenda makes a great place for all those bullet points.
  • Slides can be useful to tell the audience where they are but bullet points should probably be swapped for pictures/diagrams.
  • Having no slides does make you more aware that you straying too quickly into complexity and not spending enough time on the basics. I really noticed myself doing that last night, so hopefully I can work on that in future.

Thanks to everyone who gave some thoughts on that in the pub after.

I’m also in admiration of James‘s courage to actually write code live, and realized that a demo of writing a (simple) implementation of the observer pattern might have helped folks to get it.
Anyone wants to send me any private feedback, please do.
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