DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Day 2 is done

Well  DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Day 2 is done. Thanks to everyone who attended my XP game
session. I hope you enjoyed playing the game, and learnt how XP does
release and iteration planning. A lot of folks seemed to be laughing
and racing to blow up balloons or build a house of cards, so hopefully
you had a good time. Thaks go to Mike Roberts, Benjamin Mitchell
and John Thompson, who when I was feeling a little unwell 
yesterday morning volunteered to help out. Appreciated guys, and what
the true spirit of community is about. Thanks also to everyone who came
to my session on the Observer pattern. Hopefully you all left knowing
how to implement and use the pattern successfully and I was not too
wiped out by that point to do a good presentation.

Feedback is always appreciated and you can leave yours here.
I am sure that most of the speakers will appreciate your feedback. By
the way, if you really liked a session or disliked a session, try to
provide some feedback on what worked or failed. It can be hard to
improve as a presenter without people giving you this kind of report.Do
let us know if you like sessions like the XP game, and want to see more
of that kind of interactive session as opposed to more traditional

If you enjoy this kind of event, make sure you get involved with your local community like the London .NET user group

Finally thanks to everyone at Microsoft for hosting us, and especially
to Melita Walton for putting in so much effort to help make it happen.

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