Credit where it is due

Ian Smith reviews DDD 2 and suggests, somewhat flatteringly that the London .NET User Group were prime movers behind the event. While I was on the organizing commitee on this one I certainly cannot claim to have been a mover on the first one, and the others involved deserve their credit too.  Listing any set of names is always fraught, because beyond people who are any ‘commitee’ a whole raft of people go into making a day like this a success, and those unsung heroes are often just as important to your experience as the folks who dream big dreams. But for the record on DDD 2 you need to blame Craig Murphy, Benjamin Mitchell, Tony Rogerson, James Crowley, Phil Winstanley, and Jonathan Hodgson as well as myself from the UK community and Melita Walton from Microsoft.
So now you know who to praise and cuss, or bribe next time.
But as I said, your thanks ought to go to a whole list of people who helped make DDD 2 happen and probably won’t get appropriate justified recognition for their efforts, outside the narrow confines of that list or appearing as a speaker. For example the people who volunteered to speak but didn’t get picked deserve credit too, they were just as willing to stand up and be counted. As do all the staff at MS who gave up their weekend for you. That’s what community is all about, a lot of people coming together to make something happen, not individuals.
And for my part, thanks to everyone who helped coach the XP game on Saturday, and who stepped in to cover for me when I was feeling a little below par. The way people stepped up to the plate is what community is about for me.
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