Now I use MyYahoo daily (its my homepage and I use Yahoo for search too) and I aggregate most of the blogs I read, check my (paid for) account etc. And I have a good relationship with MS through community, so I’m a good bet as an early adopter for MS too. So I went over to Live.Com now that they support Firefox (just because its my browser of first choice right now, because it renders better).
All familiar territory and the gadgets look interesting but – why do I have to have a hotmail account to sign up. Surely you should want to convert me to your service. I already have numerous email accounts gmail, yahoo, spamcop. I’m planning on signing up for the beta of your new one. At least let me do it from one of my existing accounts. Yes, I know, I could sign up for a hotmail account and then forget about it, but its one more hurdle.
Come on tempt me…
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