SQL Server Management Studio Express

One of the key problems with working with the MSDE or Express editions of SQL server as opposed to the full products has been the lack of an Enterprise Manager equivalent. Sure I can do a certain amount of work from the Server Explorer in Visual Studio, but writing and running scripts, creating scripts for DB objects, backups etc. have always been panful. So the release of SQL Server Management Studio Express is a great boon. It has enough functionality to make the SQL Express experience really enjoyable, and as is familiar to SQL 2005 users. It makes the ‘lite’ version of SQL worth having isntead of a beggar’s option. IMO MS has always beaten the competition with its management tools. Working with Oracle is a real pain for anyone who has lived in an MS environment for a while, so they are really playing to their strengths here.


Microsoft really got it right here. The whole Express giveaway is a damn fine idea for getting users to see the power of MS tools.

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6 Responses to SQL Server Management Studio Express

  1. Tom says:

    Ooh, good tip. Shame it\’s another CTP build – 2GB of RAM is it seems non optional these days – it\’s the only way to isolate (via VMWare) all these we-dont-support-uninstalling CTP builds of just about everything Microsoft puts out.

  2. M says:

    Yes, and it is nice in the sense that you can manage other (non-express) editions of the database engine (but not Analysis/Integration Services) using SQL Server Management Studio Express.Also don\’t forget SSEUtil, which is RTM\’d already.http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=FA87E828-173F-472E-A85C-27ED01CF6B02&displaylang=enAnd did I mention the Express Edition of Reporting Services? It is coming out as an additional download early in 2006!

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