EMI just give it up

EMI has put out Kate Bush’s new album Arial on Napster, but not on iTunes where all we have are a couple of tracks.
OK mock my musical taste now, then we can get back to the rest of the blog.
So EMI assumes that, in order to hear Kate Bush’s new album I will abandon my iPod. Or Napster assumes that to hear kate’s new album I will abandon my iPod.
No I just won’t buy Kate’s new album (and no I don’t buy CDs in the high street anymore).
Come on guys get real. Sure Napster has a far better client than iTunes (which is proof if it was ever needed that there is no one left at Apple who has any idea of how to design a usable user interface – in fact it gets worse with every upgrade). Sure my iPod might be a triumph of hype over value (but let’s face it that is the Apple proposition). But Apple got the agreements in place, got the player right first, and got out of the blocks first, and now they have to make a bigger mistake than any of those to get me to change. I’m no more likely to switch away from my iPod now than I am to ditch Windows as my preferred OS.
So witholding an album from iTunes. Well its just going to irritate me and lose you a sale. And if other iPod cutomers feel the same then you lose their ability to affect the charts and that means poor chart position, less radio-airplay and less sales, so no Christmas bonus for you. And if Napster paid a lot of money to be exclusive, then I think you might have miscalculated the likelihood of it making me change (it would be easier to buy a CD and rip it than to switch to Napster for me).
Face it, right now, DRM is a lock in technology to a platform.
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