Sunrise on Sky News

Sky News has revamped its morning show. I liked the old Sunrise, but they must have been losing viewers because someone decided it needed a complete change. I’m never sure who makes these decisions. So Sunrise has decided now it will focus on Hunan Interest Stories. That is news speak for ‘we are dumbing down. Sunrise is dropping the hard news content – and the quality of their news coverage used to keep me coming back – and replacing it with entertaiment and gossip. Honestly guys, Paris Hilton, I just don’t care about her. Sky News obviously envies GMTV. Hard Times indeed. Like we need another GMTV. So convinced is Sky News that it wants to be GMTV that it is has had to reduce the IQ of its anchors to a more manageable level for its target market. So in comes Eamonn Holmes to seriously reduce the synaptic quotient of the program. Eamonn looks stunned in every hard news story and seems to mistake shouting his opinion over the top of the inteviewee for journalism. Eamonn, I have no interest in what you think, report the news. That means stay out of the way and don’t try to be the news. Newsflash I might care what the minister of state thinks, I so do not care what an escapee from the GMTV sofa thinks. Sadly even the dumbness that is GMTV is better than Sunrise, at least it has no pretence to be a news channel.
Oh and ‘Whatever we say we’ll do it with a smile’. Should go down well during the next major disaster Eamonn.
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