Microsoft does listen

I am somewhat late to the party on this one, but because I wrote about Microsoft giving bad advice on TDD on MSDN, I should report that Sam Gentile points out that the offending article has been removed, and Ron Jeffries extends the positive feedback too.
There are some very positive consequences to how this has been handled by Microsoft. The community raised a concern, and Microsoft responded by admitting it had made an error and corrected the error by dropping the article. Being able to admit mistakes and correct them is a real sign of maturity.
Roy Osherove’s blog has an interesting article that uncovers some of what may have gone wrong here, pointing to the original article that my have been incorrectly condensed for the MSDN entry and which posits an alternative approach to TDD for testing in VS 2005.
While I prefer TDD its nice to see this issue being cleaned up to avoid confusion.
Microsoft does listen.
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