Encarta in MSN messenger

This has to be one of the coolest ideas that I have seen for a while – Encarta via MSN messenger. Eileen Brown has the details on how to sign up to make Encarta a messenger contact. You will need to sign up to Encarta’s Premium service to get the full benefit of this.
Now, for sure, I could just pop over to Encarta but adding it to messenger creates a new and potentially powerful way of working with an encyclopedia. And sure I could just search the web for the information, or head over to wikipedia but in  a lot of cases the content you find that way can be of dubious quality. Posessing a copy of Encarta on DVD – admiteddly a free gift, but also the 2004 version – you can save a lot of time with a well-designed and edited encyclopedia that integrates with the web, over researching via a search engine, especially as online sources themselves admit they have quality issues.
Personally I think it is a fairly sweet idea
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