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Leaving Andorra

If you should be thinking of going skiling in Andorra, here is one thing you may want to note. The travel times given here do not take into account the traffic jams you may meet when trying to leave. We took … Continue reading

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London .NET user group future dates

Hi all, The London .NET user group’s next Open Mike night will be 22nd March. If you would like to speak on a topic in either a 30 min grok talk format (no nonsense, just code) or a 1 hour presentation … Continue reading

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London .NET user group February 20th

Hi all,   Sorry that this has taken so long to confirm but the line up for February 20th is going to be Ted Neward and Daniel Moth. Because Ted has another appointment after us, we will need to start … Continue reading

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February 20th

February 20th will be hte next meeting of the London .NET user group. Line up to be confirmed by the end of the week.

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Is Ruby coming?

First I have to admit that despite owning the pickaxe book and Ruby On Rails, I have yet to read either of them. But the ‘Is Ruby the next wave’ debate seems to continue to rage. Bruce Eckel seems to … Continue reading

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