Leaving Andorra

If you should be thinking of going skiling in Andorra, here is one thing you may want to note. The travel times given here do not take into account the traffic jams you may meet when trying to leave. We took two hours to pass through Spanish customs – they search every car – turning a four hour journey into six. We would have missed the flight had it not been delayed, and had not the helpful Ryanair desk staff let us board almost an hour after last check in time. So if you are leaving Andorra and think you can get just one more run in on the piste, you may not be able to make it.
Otherwise a good time had by all. Scarily, I bumped into a current and ex-Microsoftee in an Arinsal pub, David Gristwood, and Mike Shaw. Suprised all of us. Just goes to show you that it really is a small world. 
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  1. alexius says:

    tour on world and travel
    .::your travel agent::.

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