May 17th, NHibernate and Troubleshooting

The details of the next meeting are up on our website. This is another of our DDD3 sessions. I will be showing you the basics of getting NHibernate to work and we will also be develing deep into troubleshooting issues in your .NET application. Feel free to sign up now, via the website, or by the user group mailing list.
I look forward to seeing you all there.

Troubleshooting .NET Applications: Best Practices

As any software veteran will confirm, the symptoms of a software problem rarely reflect the root cause. So, when you get a problem report from a QA tester or from your support team, you attempt to replicate the QA lab or end-user environment often with little success. In addition, you may be dealing with a misrepresentation of the problem, as 30% of problem reports are inaccurate or lack critical information. This session shows you how to automate the process of application problem resolution. Integrated with Visual Studio Team System, black box technology monitors application execution and captures a synchronized, real-time log of user actions, system events, performance metrics, configuration data and code execution flow. With this log, you easily analyze and determine the root cause of any application problem – hangs, crashes, incorrect logic, interoperability issues, performance problems and more – without wasting time on problem recreation and incorrect reporting  

Introduction to NHibernate

Object Relational Mapping – translating data between the relational form of the database to the object-oriented form of application code – is a common problem within enterprise development. NHibernate is an open-source framework that simplifies this task, containing the object-relational mapping within XML configuration files that support managing identity, inheritance, lazy initialization, aggregation. In addition NHibernate provides support for querying and solves the traditional performance problems associated with framework ORM solutions through the use of sessions. In this presentation we will show you how to get started with NHibernate, demosntrating how to map an OO model to a relational one, and introduce querying and session lifetime. This will not be a session on ORM theory or data access patterns, but a practical hands on session showing you how to use this technology. – Ian Cooper


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12 Responses to May 17th, NHibernate and Troubleshooting

  1. Darren says:

    It would be great to see your perspective on automated testing of nh objects and validating nbm against the db. Rolled my own before and it would good to share ideas.

  2. Unknown says:

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