June 21st: LDNUG Longest Day security session

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June 21st: Longest Day Security session

Hi all, Our longest day session is shaping up to have a bit of a security focus. England aren’t playing so as a break from wall-to-wall world cup coverage, why not join us to talk geek:

Chris Seary
Code Access Security offers a cost-effective way to secure web applications and reduce deployment costs. The presentation will start with an introduction to Code Access Security, moving on to more advanced aspects such as partial trust in web apps. Custom permissions will be covered, and a successfully implemented design pattern for securing web applications will be offered. The latest applications of Code Access Security, such as ClickOnce, will also be demonstrated and explained.
Chris works as a Security Architect for an IT and management consultancy, Charteris plc. He has worked with many different Microsoft technologies, and for the last few years has specialised in the security aspects of enterprise-level .NET systems. He regularly gives presentations and writes articles on Microsoft security related topics.
David McMahon
SQL Server 2005
Security Features – (User-Schema Separatrion/Execution Context/Encryption and SQL Server Surface Area Wizard)

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