Could BLINQ be ASP.NET’s answer to Ruby On Rails?

BLINQ has obviously been off my radar because the first I heard of it was Brad Abrams linking to Patrik Speiler‘s blog on generating a web app using BLINQ.

What interests me here is that it feels like the kind of RAD tool that Ruby On Rails is popularizing (caveat: I have not had a chance to play with it yet).

I have blogged before on the question of where is Microsoft’s equivalent to Ruby on Rails and the question seems to get more pressing with time. LINQ will make some developers head spin and, IMO, Microsoft still needs to own the RAD developer market that had so successfully targetted in the past with VB6 (or even Access). Tools built on top of LINQ and the Guidance Application Toolkits look to have real hitting power in this area. Let’s hope MS gets some of these prototype ideas into production so .NET developers can leverage its paradigms (and Ruby On Rails is about tools and approach not the RUby language) with the CLR.

Oh and I’m aware of Ruby.NET, but like I say teh core of the success of Rails is a paradigm for development and suite of tools not a language.

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