Resharper blunted

Although it gave me faithful service, when it used to be the only refactoring tool in town I have pretty much done with Resharper now. It is just too bloated and unfriendly. I have turned off its feature set apart from code re-formatting and its object browsing capabilities.

 Instead I am wedded to CodeRush with Refactor! Pro. The refactoring experience is much smoother, the performance hit negligible and now that they have a Training Panel I am beginning to master the templates too. I have not really used a template approach to coding before, but I seem to be getting over the initial butterfingers period and seeing real productivity gains. One day I’ll be as slick with them as Oliver Sturm… well maybe.

All the DevExpress guys need is to add a reformatting option to CodeRush (and maybe some object browsing capabilities) and I can finally kill of the Resharper. For now its a shell, with all its options disabled, just so I can use corporate standard code formatting.

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