Architecting Connected Systems

While it has been great to see Anders talking about the changes coming in the next version of C# here – who better to talk about it – for me the best talks here have been Clemens Vasters and Steve Swartz talking about Architecting Connected Systems.
What is to like here?
  • The presentation is a series of 6 talks. That is something we can’t usually get from a user group meeting or a single day conference and gives the chance for a more detailed explanation and a longer story.
  • The talks are broken into theory then example. The style is great for a ‘teach the idea’ then show the example approach that reinforces what you learned in the first half
  • The nuggets of information are digestable. Presentations find it hard to be good teaching environments, but they are great informing environments. So the patterns that Clemens and Steve discuss like My Shared Database or Access: Remote are easy to understand in this kind of format.
  • I like Clemens’s graphics. Really. They are better than bullet points. A picture is worth a thousand words.
  • The pacing is good, with the banter between the two speakers making sure we don’t lose concentration.

I’m really hoping that we can see more of this kind of series of sessions at Tech Ed. It makes for a great differentiator for Tech Ed from other events. I could really think about doing a series on solution design in a space like that.

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