London .NET user group next meeting and WebDD registration

London .NET user Group 25 January
Our next meeting is on the 25th. Feel free to start signing up now.

Validity checking? Business Rules?Oliver Sturm

Not all data is equal, as everybody will tell you who’s been developing business applications. There are rules for the validity of information, and these have to be checked and the end user must be provided with helpful information through the UI. But exactly when do you do this? And how? And what about the next customer who wants everything to work just a little bit differently? This presentation introduces a framework for validity checking and answers all these questions.

What can WS-Security do that IPSec or SSL can’t?Chris Seary

Why use it at all? Chris will give a high level view of when, how and why it should be used, and what advantages it can offer. He will then dive into code samples demonstrating message level security using both WSE and WCF. There’ll be lots of boiler plate code made available that you can add to your projects.

WebDD February 3rd

The spirit of DDD, a weekend community oganized event has given birth to WebDD

Registration is now open and I would sign up now.

"Standards. Design. Future. Three topics that are on everyone’s wish list, but that often get left by the wayside as time rolls by. If you’re interested in all three, then WebDD is for you. WebDD is a new conference covering both design and development, with a focus on design standards, best practices, and emerging and future technologies. There will be a variety of talks covering topics such as Accessibility, CSS, Standards, ASP.NET, and Ruby, with the aim of bringing developers and designers together to share ideas."

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