A guide to learning C# 3.0 (LINQ)

LINQ looks to be a phenomenally powerful but challenging change for most .NET developers. Many will be unfamiliar with the paradigms finding expression here so it is a good idea to think about putting a toe into these waters now.
There is a good guide over on the Server Side .NET to materials that will help you get started.
It looks like a busy year for .NET developers with people trying to ramp up their .NET framework 3.0 skills (WPF, WCF, WF) alongside releases like ASPNET AJAX, coupled with LINQ (shipping with Orcas for those of you living under a rock).
I would suggest prioritizing your learning goals against your likely commitments over the next year, but try to keep tabs on what is happening elsewhere so that you keep abreast of capabilities.
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4 Responses to A guide to learning C# 3.0 (LINQ)

  1. Tom says:

    Useful link (sic) Ian. I totally recommend everything written by Wes Dyer (plus any and all of the video interviews he\’s appeared in recently).

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