London .NET User Group 26 April

I just wanted to let you know the date of the next meeting. The first of our ‘wilderness years’ presentations as we wander between venues waiting for our new London home it is likely to be in Docklands, so bear that in mind when planning. I will confirm the location details later.

April 26th: Go With the Flow – An Introduction to Windows Workflow

Changing business requirements are the bugbear of the application developer. The Windows Workflow Foundation is a new component of .NET 3.0 designed to ease the pain by providing an easier way of modelling long-running business processes in code.
The engine provides in-built support for transactions, business rules, and persistence. Extensions to Visual Studio provide a graphical environment for modelling workflows. All of this can be incorporated into your applications to make them more adaptable, reliable and reduce your development time.
This talk is aimed at existing .NET developers who want to understand Windows Workflow and have enough knowledge to decide whether it will be useful in their projects. The talk introduces workflows, the workflow engine and its design tools, looks at compensation and fault handling, the rules engine, transactions and communicating with external services.


Ben Lamb has been writing business applications since the days of Visual Basic 2.0. During the dot-com era he had a brief foray into web development helping to write the UK’s first online hotel reservation system, LeisureHunt, and developed geo-location services for a 3G mobile phone company. Realising that .NET was his platform of choice he now writes financial trading systems for investment banks in the City with occasional diversions into Python, Open Source and other interesting technologies.

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