Stored Procedures vs. Dynamic SQL

Seems to be back on the agenda again. Check out Frans’s blog if you want to track through this one again.
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28 Responses to Stored Procedures vs. Dynamic SQL

  1. chris seary says:

    Hi Ian
    Security – it\’s easier to restrict access via task than via table/column access. If you try to regulate access via tables/columns, once you have a few different roles it becomes incredibly complex, and so security suffers.
    Performance – so many articles on precompilation and caching, but nobody mentions indexes. If the dba has the SQL (in stored procs), then he/she can tune indexes to match the queries. This is orders of magnitude more important than whether the query is precompiled or not. If you don\’t have the right indexes, then you\’ve turned your million dollar sql cluster into Acess 2.0. Regardless of whether or not the query plan is in the cache.
    This certainly ain\’t directed at yourself, but more to the general blogosphere discussion. There\’s no point just saying that the security and performance issues with LINQ don\’t exist because of precompilation and parameterised queries. We need new patterns and processes to make it all work. I\’ve got an article which is hopefully a start to the security issues, but needs more work

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