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TypeMock, Static and Dynamically Typed Languages

Scott is talking about the evils of type mocking in a strongly typed language. Here is the deal. In a strongly typed language we use type to specify a contract for a message (where sending a message equates to calling … Continue reading

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Putting some color into the search UI with Tafiti

Via Ian Moulster’s blog, I just picked up on Tafiti which is a Silverlight interface to live search, that has some useful features like the ability to save searches.

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The MIX UK back network

If you are attending MIX UK 07 and planning on blogging or just want to pick up on all the announcements coming out of Mix UK 07, there is now a back network to help you keep in touch.

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The Next Gen boys nab Cambridge Research

The Next Gen boys appear to have pulled off a little bit of a coup and set up a new Cambridge user group, hosted out at Microsoft’s Cambridge Research Lab. That gives them access to some great speakers. They have … Continue reading

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London .NET User Group News

As usual we are taking a break for August, but we will get back to running our monthly presentations in August. And its going to be a big one, so put September 27th in your calendar now, because noted ASP.NET … Continue reading

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The project location is not trusted

I keep getting an dialog popping up with sample code of late. It tells me that ‘the project location is not trusted’ and that ‘Running the application may result in security exceptions when it attempts to perform actions which require full … Continue reading

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Rick Strahl wants to know how to do dynamic queries

Rick Strahl wants to know how to do dynamic queries in LINQ. I’d point him in the direction of either my earlier post on C# 3.0 Specifications or Mike Taulty’s article.

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