VBUG Brighton

I went down to VBUG Brighton last night to give my presentations on LINQ (the general one) and LINQ to SQL (the deeper dive on one of the LINQ technologies). It was a good crowd, and still feels quite local to me (I’m one of those Londoners that likes to think of Brighton as London-On-Sea, which probably offends everyone living in Brighton.

There was a huge turnout from local software house Madgex, the team behind the Mix UK 07 back network. When I see this kind of commitment from a team to personal learning, I always suspect that their shop is a great place for developers to work, and the conversations with the team and their questions certainly left me with the impression that they were a switched on group. I’m told they are hiring too, so if you on the south coast and looking for a new challenge you could probably do worse than checking them out.

Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome.

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