The ALT.NET crew seem to have had a successful conference in the US. On a basic level it is great to see people holding a successful conference for .NET developers focused on Agile and Open source. Craig and I have been discussing doing something along that line in the UK next year.
But I have posted before that I have some misgivings around movements and some folks have already been alienated, which is worrying. Still it is early days, and I have a lot of respect for folks like Jeremy Miller so I am hopeful it can be a powerful way of packaging up ideas instead of something elitist.
Martin Fowler, who attended, mentioned the question of ALT.NET user groups came up and whether they should be seperate from existing groups.
My feeling is that the goal of any ALT.NET movement must surely be to spread its ideas, not just to the faithful, but to the wide audience, and that the audience of any user group, who are by their attendance likely to be motivated developers to start with, is an ideal one for the ALT.NET message.
The London .NET user group has certainly always has a focus on ALT.NET. Over the years we have had (October 2006: TDD, September 2006: Agile OO design, May 2006: NHibernate, July 2006: eXtreme.NET (XP), July 2005: XP Planning game, May 2005: NMock, May 2005: FIT, January 2005: NHibernate, March 2004: Design Patterns , September 2003: Test-Driven Development).
So, for sure, the London .NET user group is also the London ALT.NET user group. And if that appeals so be it. But we are a broad church and I hope that we appeal to all .NET developers, so I’m happy to just use LDNUG for now.
Craig and I have been considering what to call our conference. I’m not sure about the ALT.NET tag. Some folks have suggested Pragmatic.NET (shades of The Pragmatic Programmer), although we also quite like Indie .NET to convey the idea of picking up on stuff from outside the big house.
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