London .NET user group 27th November

The line up is out. I’ll confirm venue details soon. Feel free to sign up.

Time 18:30 – 21:30

Office as a development platform with Visual Studio 2008 – Daniel Moth The 2007 Microsoft Office System is extensible like never before. In this session we’ll look at the numerous ways to extend the various Office applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook and others. Customisations demonstrated will include the new designers and
templates for the Ribbon, Actions Pane, Task Pane, Content Controls and Form Regions. This will all be done in managed code from within Visual Studio 2008 and we will also see how to interop in both directions with VBA code.

All aboard the Monorail – Ian Cooper
WebForms have been to bedrock of ASP.NET development for the last four years, but the success of Ruby on Rails, and the growth of TDD, has created fresh interest in the MVC approach for building web sites. In this presentation we look at both the pattern and the open source project MonoRail which provides a new and popular way to build

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