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Open Source Myths

Andrew Brown of the Guardian has a nice piece about why OpenOffice reveals some of the myths about Open Source. One that I mentioned in response to the BBC’s hype of Firefox (I use Firefox a lot so I am not … Continue reading

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London .NET User Group 12 January: Ian Griffiths on C# 3.0

With the covers barely off on C# 2.0 we are planning on kicking off the new year with a talk from Ian Griffiths on C# 3.0 – especially LINQ. I will have a fuller session description soon, but in the … Continue reading

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Express Management Studio and Windows 2003

The behaviour when both are loaded on Windows 2003 is far better – you get a warning that both cannot be run when attempting to launch Express. This warning does not seem to be provided on XP.

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SQL Server Management Studio Express and Management Studio can’t live toegether on the same box

If you move up to SQL Manangement Studio from the Express version you will find that when you run Management Studio it will  not be able to connect. You may well get errors on launch which suggest that an exception has been trhown … Continue reading

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The decade of the component

Very interesting blog by Ralf about the future of components in design. I have been pondering for a while on guidance on how we structure within a process as opposed to between processes. It seems to me that a lot of guidance is focused … Continue reading

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