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The petition in favour of road pricing

There is one on the government website. And while pro people are usually only represented by silence, it is there if you want to sign it.  

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Windows Sidebar gadget for MSDN

Mike Ormond has links to some Windows Sidebar gadgets for searching MSDN. Both Tim Heuer  and  Nikhil seem to have been looking at this.   I’ll be doing a grok talk on Windows Sidebar gadget development at the London .NET … Continue reading

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NextGenUG, conference, podcasts, and my visit

I just wanted to catch you all up on what the NextGen guys are up to.   Perhaps most importantly they are organizing NextGenUgFest07 this May. A one day conference held at Microsoft in Reading the NextGenUG boys are focusing … Continue reading

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Timer swallowing events in .NET 2.0

Despite the documentation implying that exceptions on threads will propogate and terminate it is not always true. We have just spent time chasing behaviour that did not match this expectation with System.Timers.Timer. It turns out the System. Timers.Timer swallows exceptions … Continue reading

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A guide to learning C# 3.0 (LINQ)

LINQ looks to be a phenomenally powerful but challenging change for most .NET developers. Many will be unfamiliar with the paradigms finding expression here so it is a good idea to think about putting a toe into these waters now. … Continue reading

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ADO.NET Entity Data Manager

Mike Dodaro has an interesting article up on the schema for mapping using the Entity Data Manager which should ship with the  Orcas release.   Having been a champion of ORM tools for a while now I am really keen to … Continue reading

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Charlie Brooker points out that the Emperor has no clothes

Wow I feel a certain sense of kinship with Charlie Brooker. Finally someone else who thinks that Macs are over-hyped and overpriced badges for robot people who refuse to think for themselves:,,2006031,00.html

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