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Try signing up for the MSDN 2007 roadshows again

The 2007 roadshow sign up should be working again, so you should be able to sign up now. Mike Taulty‘s page has the details but you can sign up for London here.

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MSDN Roadshow dates for 2007 are out

Microsoft has announced the dates for their MSDN roadshow. Secure your place while you still can. London is the key one for me and it will be on 21 March.

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Win an MSDN subscription give a Grok Talk at DDD4

For DDD4 we are organising Grok Talk and Park Bench lunch time activities. These are your chance to participate in the day. And for the best grok talk on the day we are offering a MSDN subscription. The Grok Talks … Continue reading

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DDD4 Lunchtime activities

If you are one of the lucky people who managed to sign up for DDD4 then we would like to invite you to submit a grok talk or park bench topic for the day. It’s you chance to show your … Continue reading

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Unit Test Adapter threw exception: System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information..

If you get this error one possible source is signed assemblies. If you are signing your assemblies and using code coverage then you need to remember to resign them. To do this edit your local test run configuration. Look for … Continue reading

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Wilson ORM and embedded mapping files

From the notes to self department on Wilson ORM: If you want to embed your mapping file resource in an assembly and then retrieve it to pass to an ObjectSpace you need to use code similar to the following: ObjectSpace … Continue reading

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Architecting Connected Systems

While it has been great to see Anders talking about the changes coming in the next version of C# here – who better to talk about it – for me the best talks here have been Clemens Vasters and Steve Swartz … Continue reading

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Tech Ed begins

And so it begins. I always get really jazzed up by events like TechEd. There is nothing quite like being surrounded by fellow geeks to reaffirm enthusiasm for technology.   There are the slew of usual annoucements with .NET 3.0 … Continue reading

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Finding me at Tech Ed

If you are going to Tech Ed and want to catch up with me I will be on the ATE stand  (#26 Visual Studio) on Tuesday from 13:30 to 16:15 and 18:45 to 21:00. Feel free to drop by, especially … Continue reading

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DDD4 registration is now open

Session submission is done. Voting is done. We have an agenda! DDD will take place for the 4th time on December 2nd. You can register here. Registration fills up fast, and we do have a numbers limit. So sign up as … Continue reading

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